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Due to the overwhelming demand for competent webtv help.... it is I the Web Dork to assist you !!!!! Here you will find tips, tricks, and hints on how to make your web do what it's supposed to as well as an email page where you can email me your problems and I'll be happy to help you. This page will be updated probably on a daily basis as new problems and solutions come in. If you have any tips or links that you might find useful or know of something others have been asking and you know what to do, feel free to Mail the Web Dork

So far the mail bag has been oddly empty. I cannot believe you don't have any questions !! There's got to be one. One ? OK Well then the Web Dork has one for you. My keyboard has gone to Silicone Heaven and I need a new one. Anyone know where I can get one besides Best Buy ? I live in the Wilds of Wisconsin, remember LOL :) :) :)

Most of you already know this one but MSN has gone down for webbies, yet again. THis time it's because they have updated their T&C (Terms and COnditions) and you neeed to re-agree to them.. GO to your home page, click Mesenger, click Use Now and you will be directed to the update for T&C page. Once you have accepted your IM will be back :)

I am working on the email form to mail me, that will be coming soon (11-16-03)