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Hey cool, now we can all look at pictures !!

New pictures will be coming, an updated one of Taylar, one of my new nephew Aayden Emery, and a family pic of me, Casey and Taylar so keep checking, although it might be more near Christmastime :)

This one is of my little darling nephew Aarik Alvin. He was born Sept 15, 2001.

This is my sister who is next down from me, Melinda. Melinda has what I call "hair commercial hair". She is very stunning looking and could be a model :) She loves her Huskies, her niece and mephews and working for the local newspaper. She also has her own site, Lemon's Page so check it out :)


Here is my brother Glen. Mel took this one of him listening to his walkman while on a road trip. Glen is pretty cool, as far as boys go, and he is the only boy among 4 sisters. Glen is majorly addicd to Garfield stuff, collects anything Garfield related. He is also a technical, electronical and learning to be a computer whiz. He loves to tinker with anything electric, electronic, or lighting. He'd like to be an engineer or a lightboard operator after he graduates high school. Glen also has opened his own bicycle repair shop here in Phillips.


Here is my youngest sister, Karrynn. She's 14 in the pic. She likes her fish and her friends and N'Sync

This is my Rainbow Pride Quilt I made, turned out quite nice :) and ooh its so thick, great on cold winter nights ;)

And here is Taylar posing on the bed :) She's 3 in this pic, taken late Sept. of 2001. She's got her Favorite Dinosaur tee shirt on. What a cutie :)

I don't have any pics of my sister Monika, but that's OK. She'd break anything I stuck in her face anyways. Nah, I'm kidding :) Kind of ;) ;)

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