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~ Love ~ Knows ~ No ~ Gender ~
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All About the Tarty One

This is me in a usual position, sitting at my messy desk on my webtv :)

So you would like to know about the Tartie one, hmm ?? OK, remember you asked ;)

I was born May 6, 1979 in Wisconsin. I have 1 daughter, Taylar, 1 wonderful wonderful girlfriend that I love with all my heart, Casey, 3 sisters, Melinda, Monika, and Karry and a brother Glen. 2 parents, 2 nephews, Aarik and Aayden, a new neice born a little early, Saralyn Violet, all are Monika's little sweet angels.

Ha, Mon, you didn't think i knew, did you. I can not BELIEVE you would be SO HEARTLESS (edited for content) to your own sister and not even let me know. You know what she did ?? Monika told EVERYONE but me that she was expecting. There is so much drama in my family, you would not believe it all. She didn't want me to know what she had, that Saralyn was early by a month or anything. She is being a total snot. (yes, edited) I mean for the love of all thing ssacred, what do you THINK I am going to do to those kids if I hold them ? She didn't let me hold Aarik, I DID SO hold Aayden I think, 3 times. Dustin, their dad is a saint. A literal saint among men. (He also looks like a poogle but that's another story). Dustin just loves those angels. He's such a good dad. So, fine, if Monika wants to be a jerk about things, fine, but they ARE my little nephews and niece and I love them irregardless. So what if I never see them, they're still sweeties.

I don't have any pics of Aayden yet but I will soon :)

There's also an ex hubs, Mr. Wonderful Butt Crud. He will have his own wall of shame page coming very soon. Be warned, he's a jerk. A dumb big stupid jerk. But he's so good for comic relief.

Well we brought Faith home from my aunt and uncle's house over Thanksgiving, so now we have 4 cats (don't tell the Anal Neighbor that). I still miss Kryters, but I know that he found a good home. Now, we still have Hope and Charity, Casey's 2 very powderpuff indoor cats. We lost both Scallop and Brownie, but we still have Spot and George. Too bad. Brownie was special. When we got him, and were moving to a new apt. I put him and Spot and George into a ice cream bucket while I drained the tank to move. Well, Brownie LEAPED out and landed on the floor under my desk. I was scared that he was dead, but after dropping him back into the ice cream bucket, he was just fine, so he has always been special to me. He died, which is sad, but he had a good life. Scallop was so pretty, one of the new fish that I got, don't know what happened there, just one of those things. George is HUGE for a goldfish, amazingly, he doesn't attack Spot who is a third his size. Good, because they grew up together, hence the safety for Spot.

Will have new pics coming by the end of the week so keep watching !!!

What I like, besides the obvious, Taylar, Casey, etc etc etc. I love to read, I am currently reading some old favorites, Gary Paulsen, and am ANXIOUSLY waiting for the new book in the Left Behind series. I love shopping, even if it is just window shopping LOL and talking walks. Taylar is done with Headstart which is like preschool here and gets to ride a little bus 12 miles to Prentice, the next town south for her half a day classes. She loves school and jumps up and down when she sees the bus coming in the morning :) Now that the Elementary school is four blocks away, we'll be walking to school from now on. My little angel is going to kindergarten ! 'sob'

I love chatting with my friends and playing games, I am addicted to this game called RoofDrop Javascript Games by Kielack Cooking too, I love to cook :) I love music, anything but country, rap and shrieky opera. My current faves have been Linkin Park, Evanescence, Nickelback, the Finding Nemo soundtrack, Hoobastank, and Enya. Oh, and VeggieTales :) Does anyone know where I can find any Indigo Girls MIDI's or .RAM's especially "Romeo and Juliet" ? I LOVE that song.

and to the next thing.... hates....... Can't have loves without the hates LOL DOGS GOOD LORD I HATE DOGS cannot STAND them, and NO it is NOT cause I 'just haven't met the right one' I LIVED with dogs for 18 years, I think I know what I like. Brussels sprouts are pretty gross...... But pure evil..... Balloons and needles. I have a paralyzing fear of balloons and needles. and yet I got my nose pierced LOL I was more terrified of the gloves the guy was wearing than anything else, latex scares me. Hate country music and those idiots who think just cause their song accidentally makes it to a pop/rock station they are all that. YOU ARE COUNTRY STAY ON YOUR OWN CRAPPY STATIONS !!!! 'heavy eye rolling' And my ex inlaws are absolute morons. No, I take that back, thats insulting a moron. Ignorance and homophobes. James Dobson is a total idiot. I can't stand him at all. He makes me yell at the radio. People who spread rumors about someone because they "think" it's true, never pausing to think what kind of damage a rumor can do in a s\mall redneck town where nepotisim and who you know runs rampant in the job market. People who are supposed to be firneds too. People who should know better. Otherwise not much else. Now that I got that out of my system...

Ooh goody the "Thank My Friends" section..... I love this part !!

Thanks and Love to all my wonderful wonderful roomies in WS, L-O, WG, LS and Escape

~ Warm Hugs ~
~ Big Kisses ~

Now enjoy some links gathered over the past few pages and just some I really like :)

~ ~ ~ Links !! ~ ~ ~

The Women's Garden Website Great new women oriented, women founded wesite, info, links on all sorts of topics currently on sabbatical to figure out if this was a good idea or just something not meant to be

The Women's Garden IRC For Webbies Another one of my IRC's the official one used and promoted by the Women's Garden website staff that are webbies (so far that's just me LOL)

BraveNet free pages, counters, guestbooks

Armin Kielack's Javascript Games EXCELLENT game site. I am addicted to RoofDrop

Neopets Neopets, The most fun virtual pet site I have ever seen. I admit it, I am a Neopets addict. If you want to find me on there, it's "razberrietart"

razberrietart got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

Tine Neo Help Tine neo help will help those of you getting started with Neopets as well as those who have been on for a while with lots of fun things, tips and tricks to various neopet related things.

Lemon's Page My sister Lemon_Cake's page, cute.

WOW Women Online Worldwide

The DarkMyst IRC NetworkDarkMyst is the server I primarily chat on, the rooms I frequent are #Lesbian-Oldies, #Escape, #Lesbian-Fun (trivia, not just lesbian, but general trivia) Ask for me in any of them, someone is likely to know me.

the Prideland IRC My IRC designed and geared for lesbians ~ temporarily out of order ~

Casey's Home Page My girlfriend, Casey's home page. Sign her guestbook too !! :)

123 Greetings A Cool Ecard Site

SheCards A Very awesome lesbian ecard site

Giovanni's Room Philadelphia based gay and lesbian bookstore. I've been there, very nice :) If you're in the Philadelpia area or need to find something online, try them !! They have the CUTEST pride stuff too.

The Cabana Boy IRC My IRC designed primarily for str8 women, or gay men ;)

Nov 19, '03 The erotica stories have been taken down, I am in the process of looking for a new server to host them on so please keep an eye out :) (still nothing yet. If you'd like stories, email me directly, 'k ? )

Tart the Web Dork Another link to the Web Dork Page, where I will answer your myriad of webtv related questions. As soon as the mail form is up, you can use that or you can mail me directly

The Continuing Adventures of Kenny the Wonder Dummy! Coming Soon ! All you see right now is a blank page.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have a site you want to recommend ?? let me know :) Are there any more broken links ?? Really let me know !!

Email Raz ! I LOVE Mail !

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