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Well, welcome to the new home of my out pages. Thanks SO VERY much Angelfire for DELETING five years of hard work, thanks a smegging lot you bastards. Enough of that. Am now on BraveNet and so far so good :) I will have everything coming back here as soon as I can.... Give me some time OK ?? T'anxx so much :) Have an awesome day and keep watching for new stuff :) Oh and be sure to check out a new website that I have helped create along with my good friend stargrrrrl3

The Women's Garden Website

~ ~ ~ UPDATE !!!!!! ~ ~ ~

(May '04) Not a lot new is going on, but here is what's new in the Land of Tart. I am adding a new page soon, all about the exploits of my Ex, Kenny. The Continuing Adventures of Kenny the Wonder Dummy. Possibly in a week or so. Casey, Taylar and I are going to Utah in June to see Casey's mom and go to Pridefest. Are you there/going ? Mail me :)And still, my guestbook remains woefully empty... Read my personal page for new rants and gripes!

(Oct. '03)I have added a help section entitled Tart the Web Dork help page so for those of you having web problems, feel free to check it out or email me directly with your problems. The page will be updated on almost a daily basis with new questions and answers coming in. Web dork and her Techie Dweeb solutions ( Nov. '03) The site has been updated some, overall. New links added, new music files to listen to, I'm working on little speaker thingies that will allow you to listen without redirecting. Pictures are coming soon, new ones that is :)

Enough venting about Angelfire. We all know they suck. Anyhoo...... Now here we are at BraveNet . Let's make the most of the new home and continue on to the Next Page for more fun ! :)

Cool !! Have followed the Out Pages to the new home

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